Airwing was appointed a distributor for the new PAC 750XL in July 2004.

The aircraft is built in Hamilton, New Zealand by the Pacific Aerospace Company. From humble beginnings, PAC has become an international leader in non-pressurised utility aircraft. It is one of a very few aviation companies to design and build a brand new aircraft in recent times.

The PAC 750XL is a modern utility aircraft designed specifically for parachuting, freight, passenger operations, medical flights or any type of operations that requires an aircraft with a short take off and landing capability. With PAC's extensive experience in crop spraying it goes without saying that the PAC 750XL is more than capable of operating from the most hostile of environments.

In the parachuting role the PAC 750XL can comfortably carry up to eighteen parachutists. Fully loaded it can be airborne in approximately 300 metres and can reach 12000 feet in under 12 minutes. With a useful load of 2 tonnes the PAC 750XL is ideal for freight or supply dropping duties. The "roller door", which is the widest in it's class, provides both parachutists and loadmasters with ease of entry and egress.

The aircraft can be equipped with the very latest in medical technology, stretchers and medical attendant seats to accommodate medical flights of all natures. Loading the patients into the aircraft is easily achieved via the pneumatic patient loading system.

All of the aircrafts control cables are directed along the side of the fuselage and therefore the PAC 750 XL lends itself ideally for the installation of floor mounted cameras for aerial observation duties.

For passenger operations the PAC 750XL can accommodate up to nine passengers. The optional cargo pod will accommodate 4ft x 8ft loads (1.2m x 2.45m) and the aircrafts floor has a maximum loading of 150 lb/sft (730 kg/sm)

Working alongside our industry partners Airwing can provide you with an aircraft roled specifically for your requirements. Please take the time to have a look at the aircrafts details and feel free to contact us should you wish to discuss any specific areas of operations or require additional details on the aircraft.

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