If aircraft purchase or leasing is not yet right for you, there is another option.....Aircraft charter.

In today's environment where "passenger safety" are key words, it is hardly surprising that more and more CEO's are choosing to charter their own aircraft or helicopter.

Not only do you benefit from a much safer travel environment, you also gain the advantage of being able to fly at a time that is set by you and not an airline. In addition by utilising one of our VIP helicopters you also have the option ( suitable space being available ) of flying directly from / to your next appointment, office to home.

Airwing's charter department has many years of experience in dealing with VIP flight arrangements. We have access to an array of helicopters and corporate jets that can fulfil any requirement.

Our charter team are experts at coordinating those complicated flight schedules and we offer a complete service that can include both road and air transportation.


The operations telephone is manned twenty four hours a day, so one call detailing your requirements is all that we need, after that we will do the rest.

Airwing is always interested in discussing either the management or leaseback of high quality VIP helicopters of fixed wing aircraft.

For the leaseback option your aircraft must of course be approved for Public Transport Flights.