Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance & Insurance. From conception to implementation Airwing has the experience to deliver. With an excellent history of ACMI operations that has been established over many years, Airwing has a success story of setting up airlines for public transport as well as providing services to both new and existing carriers.

ACMI, a term that is well known within the aviation sector is the most cost effective way to start your airline. Airwing can offer a comprehensive package for almost anywhere in the world, specialising in areas such as Africa, Asia, Europe and the Far East.

Airwing's in house technical expertise ranges from small helicopters through to Lear Jets and Boeing 747's. We can offer full licence and approval coverage for a range of aircraft.

So whether you are part of the third world development or an international government body, Airwing can provide you with a package that is both legal and practically acceptable.

".Specialists in Airline start ups providing in excess of
150 years of aviation experience within the group."